I am David Willson, born in Tanzania, Australia. My interest in insects began when I was a kid. I used to live in the woods, most of my childhood was spent in collecting insects of different species.

My father was amused to see me keeping a record of all the insects I find. Later as I grew older, few of the insects were beneficial and few were not. My farmer friends used pesticides and insecticides to kill the ones that were harming their crops. Though I was against killing, it kept me thinking about how can I not use pesticides and still keep their number down. I came up with a lot of homemade experiments to keep the number of pests down.

My interest in insects grew so deep that I started to read books on insects. My interest led to my degree in Entomology. My significant of work was involved in studying the biodiversity of insects and what leads to the outbreak, how can we control the population of pests?

I am sharing my research and a few successful experiments that led to the control of pests. Also will be giving tips on how to use home remedies to prevent pest invasion and pest traps.